Environmental Education and Awareness in Saldanha

A joint tree planting effort between the Saldanha Bay Municipality, SANDF, SANParks and the CWCBR was held in September 2015. Approximately 100 trees were planted throughout the Saldanha community and the youth were educated on the vital role trees play in the greater ecosystem.

The youth were taken on an excursion to the Lafarge quarry during late 2015 to educate them on what mining is and to introduce the concept of sustainable development. After a tour of the quarry, trees were planted and a lesson was given to the youth on how man needs to strive to strike a balance between development and the environment.

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During April 2016 the youth from St Andrews Primary School were taken on an excursion to a nature reserve near Jacobsbay. The excursion was as an incentive for the youth that are actively taking part in a recycling swop shop initiative currently operated by the Primary School in collaboration with the CWCBR.

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And the highlight of the day was...a “bokdrol spoeg” competition