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Cape West Coast Trails The Cape West Coast Biosphere are launching
5 new exciting trails! The aim of the Cape West Coast Trails is to improve the well-being of communities living within the Biosphere Reserve boundary. Guides, caterers, drivers as well as accommodation and meals in restaurants have been sourced in these communities.
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Welcome to the Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve

From 2000, the West Coast stretching from the Milnerton Diep River in the South to the Berg River in the North became a Biosphere Reserve; this new status requires us that live here and those that visit to participate actively in the process to reach the objectives that all Biosphere Reserves must fulfill.
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Cape West Coast Trails

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What is a Biosphere

[highlight]Biosphere reserves are territories with beautiful landscapes, a considerable abundance of species of fauna and flora, its own and unique culture, where harmony between development and the natural surrounding is promoted.[/highlight]

They are like specific areas where models of sustainable development, that seek better living conditions based on environmental principles, are tried and proven.

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